Exit Tax

from by La Vega

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If I’m leaving you tomorrow
Then I guess I better start packing a bag
Get my toothbrush and a couple changes of clothes
My guitar and some photographs
The rest of it I just don’t know
What’s mine was always yours
But what’s yours was never mine
So the rest I’m leaving behind

And I guess I gotta be fine with that
Consider it an exit tax
Cause I’m never getting any of it back
Oh I know I’m never getting it back

If I decided to stick around
All this stuff would still be mine
A decent place to stay in this city
Lord knows it’s so hard to find
But what do they actually mean
These things are only things
As real as memories
When I sleep I hope I don’t dream

So I guess I gotta be fine with leaving it all behind
Considering it an exit tax
Cause I’m leaving and I’m never coming back

Hey I bought that stereo
And I paid for that runner rug
I watered that aloe plant
I walked that little dog almost every day
You take that lazy boy
You keep that runner rug
You always liked it better than I did anyway
Take my best T-shirts, keep all my sweatshirts
Oh I know how cold you get in the middle of the night
Sure take those shot glasses that we stole
When we were shitfaced in Mexico
Take my record collection
I don’t want to listen to any of those songs
They all remind me of you

Just cause you break it
Try to erase it
The memory’s always gonna chase you down
But I don’t have time to reminisce
I don’t know where I’m sleeping tomorrow night

I never bought you that purse
I never gave you those shoes
But I’ve always been yours
Yours, I’ve always been yours
You, you never were mine

So I’m taking the things I can carry
And I’m leaving all the rest
I’m taking the things I can carry with me
And I’m leaving all the rest
I’m taking the things I can carry
And I’m leaving all the rest behind


from Wave, released August 13, 2013
Music by Evan Magers and Daniel Vega, lyrics by Evan Magers



all rights reserved


La Vega Austin, Texas

La Vega is a surf rock 'n' roll band from the U.S.A.

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